‘Mysterious’ Polio Like Illness Afflicting Vaccinated Children


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The Washington Post reported today that 32 new cases of “acute flaccid myelitis” (AMF) has afflicted mostly children across the United States this year, up from “just” seven cases last year.

“Although most cases occur in children, AMF occasionally affects adults,” reported The Washington Post.

Bear in mind that adults are vaccinated now and then, especially when they travel on a visa, and mothers have also been infected by the vaccine their child’s feces while changing diapers. There’s no mistake; this debilitating and deadly disease, more deadly than polio, afflicts children specifically.

The Center for Disease Control stated they don’t know the cause, but they are looking at the spread of the disease “closely.”

Here, fluoridated minds (at CDC), allow me to give you a few CLUES.

Fifty years ago, children received about six immunizations, unless their parents signed an Exemption Form (Smallpox, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles). Today, by the time they are two years of age, children are given 24 vaccines, and ten more throughout their school years, for a total of 34 vaccines!

In the last 50 years, the infectious and biological disease rates in children have skyrocketed!

Are we getting a clue yet?

What do you suppose has changed?


Two doctors in India, Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel, have tried to persuade government officials to stop the administration of oral polio vaccine (OPV) to children because of the dramatic increase in “acute flaccid paralysis” caused by the drug (imported from the United States). India mandates that children receive the OPV, while three of their doctors insist that 53,000 children were paralyzed in a year and the numbers are climbing. No one will listen to them. Apparently globalists are running India and they are likely excited about the number of children afflicted and dying because of OPV!

By the way, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are globalists.

This is an excerpt taken from an analysis written by Eleanora I. McBean, PhD, ND, which has been widely publicized on the internet (holistic-helper.com, educate-yourself.org, and others):

I was an on-the-spot observer of the 1918 influenza epidemic.  All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had.  Strong men, hale and hearty one day, would be dead the next.  The disease had the characteristics of the Black Death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1.  Practically the entire population had been injected “seeded” with a dozen or more diseases – or toxic serums.  When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once, it was tragic.

That pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poisonous drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms.  As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated.  Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu.  My family had refused all vaccinations, so we remained well all the time.  We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden and others that people cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.

When the flu was at its peak, all the stores were closed, as well as the schools, businesses – even the hospital, as the doctors and the nurses had been vaccinated too and were down with the flu.  No one was on the streets.  It was like a ghost town.  We [who didn’t take any vaccines] seemed to be the only family which didn’t get the flu, so my parents went from house to house doing what they could to look after the sick, as it was impossible to get a doctor then.  If it were possible for germs, bacteria, virus, or bacilli to cause disease, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they were spending many hours a day in the sick rooms; but they didn’t get the flu and they didn’t bring any germs home to attack us children and cause anything.  None of our family had the flu – not even a sniffle – and it was in the winter with deep snow on the ground.

It has been said that the 1918 flu epidemic killed 20,000,000 people throughout the world, but actually the doctors killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and drugs.  This is a harsh accusation, but it is nevertheless true, judging by the success of the drugless doctors, in comparison with that of the medical doctors.

While the medical men and medical hospitals were losing 33 percent of their flu cases, the nonmedical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100 percent healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods.  One health doctor didn’t lose a patient in eight years.  The very successful health treatment of one of those drugless doctors who didn’t lose any patients will be given in the other part of this book, titled VACCINATION CONDEMNED, to be published a little later.

If the medical doctors had been as advanced as the drugless doctors, there would not have been those 20 million deaths from the medical flu treatment.

There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians and the diseases were those they had been vaccinated against. One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease.  Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning.  Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the worldwide vaccination campaign in 1918.

Dr. James A Shannon, Director of the National Institutes of Health said, “The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.”

Eustace Mullins wrote a mind-blowing book on the subject, Murder by Injection.

There is an alternative and you aren’t trapped, if you know the source of liberty, health and peace, Jesus Christ. Please visit the Home Education page and the Fatal Vaccines page for more valuable information.

Judgment Day is coming, folks. The Word of God tells us,

“The nations were angry and Your wrath is come and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that You should give reward unto Your servants the prophets and to the saints and those who fear Your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the earth” Revelation 11:18.

There are people that are satanically influenced and who are “destroying the earth.”

The Word of God tells us more about what they are doing in the last days,

“Neither did they repent of their murders, nor of their sorceries (pharmakeiOn – original Greek [DRUGS])…” Revelation 9:21.

“And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire” Revelation 20:15.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

All written publications on this site may be copied and shared for evangelistic purposes. Did Jesus say, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature — and make sure you copyright it?!” I think not.

God bless you with the Light of the world.

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