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4/26/19 – Pizzagate Update: Feds Dropping Child Porn Cases!

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Apparently not!

The “Department of Justice” (DOJ) has been dismissing child pornography cases in order to not reveal information about the software programs used as the basis for the charges, reported reason.com.

An investigation by ProPublica revealed that more than a dozen cases were dismissed after challenges to the software’s findings were made by defense attorneys, or refusals were made by the government or the software creators to share the computer programs, or both.

In the meantime, hundreds of emails sit in plain view on Wikileaks.org, which implicate many in crimes of pedophilia and child trafficking, but all that evidence is also being completely ignored.

Why should anyone in their right mind believe this lame excuse for the DOJ’s failure to prosecute? In fact, Wikileaks could likely bring them all the pedophiles they want, but it appears they don’t really want to prosecute them!

The article published by Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown is disturbing, folks.

Brown’s article actually focuses on “serious problems with tech tools used by federal authorities.” Tragically, nothing is mentioned about the heinous crimes committed by child porn pedophiles, such as bondage, torture and murder, which the report suggests is consequently tossed aside by the feds to “protect trade secrets!”

Brown reported,

“As a result, potentially innocent people are being smeared as pedophiles and prosecuted as child porn collectors, while potentially guilty people are going free so these companies can protect ‘trade secrets.’”

“Plus, if these defendants really are innocent, than (sic) the government has publicly and falsely smeared them as sickos and then balked at allowing them a true opportunity to clear their names.”

Where is the focus on the children who suffer unimaginable torture, whose tormentors walk free?

Brown also stated,

“But the private entities who developed these tools (surveillance systems) won’t submit them for independent inspection or hand over hardly any information about how they work, their error rates, or other critical information.”

Have the feds ever heard of a “subpoena” to obtain whatever they need from these companies, so they can prosecute the worst among all criminals?

The article is nonsense! It’s an idiotic attempt to clear the DOJ for their refusal to prosecute pedophiles, which they have largely neglected to do for decades!

The real reason for the DOJ failure, rather refusal, and refusal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate such criminals, is that these departments are covering for their own crimes/pedophiles and child trafficking!

Read on, before you cast any doubt on that statement.

When we see Wikileaks exposing stacks of emails including pedo-lingo by big names (https://Wikileaks.org), who (pedophiles and child traffickers) still strut the streets of Washington like they own the world, without any investigation by the FBI, or a single charge by the DOJ, you have to know that the same vile dogs that covered-up sick crimes in the “Michael Houlihan” and “Douglas Ammerman” case (February 1987), also known as the “FINDERS” case, after they were arrested with six children, who were in deplorable condition, are still reeking of child porn, pedophilia and MKUltra experiments carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Special agents in Washington, DC, and Florida found all kinds of evidence of child kidnapping, international child trafficking, “high tech transfer to the United Kingdom,” and the international transfer of currency. Agents found a large amount of data collected by FINDERS on various childcare organizations. They also found an album of photos containing adults and children dressed in white sheets executing goats in a “blood ritual.” Information was located in a computer room at the Washington, DC, residence about the two men arrested with the six children in Florida on the previous night. There were instructions advising participants to move “the children” and keep them moving through different jurisdictions, and instructions on how to avoid the attention of police.

The CIA took over the Florida case, they took custody of the six abused children and the defendants, and nothing was ever heard about that case or those children again.

Original report: https://ia801907.us.archive.org/14/items/ConspiracyOfSilenceTranscriptFranklinCoverUp/UsCustomsServiceReportOfInvestigationFinders-11.pdf

Let’s understand the facts: Wikileaks is capable of providing the DOJ with all the evidence they need to prosecute pedophiles, but they have already ignored all of the physical evidence found by Wikileaks, and they don’t want any evidence, obviously!

Furthermore, they have chased Julian Assange (a hero for exposing DC pedophiles and child traffickers) down like a dog and are “foaming at the mouth” to prosecute him!

So, lets get this straight. The DOJ won’t prosecute more than a “dozen” (there are plenty more) child porn cases because of software issues; but they will run like a pack of wild mongrels after Julian Assange, who has integrity, and who has already exposed obvious pedophiles/child traffickers, which they choose not to even question! 

That’s what this is all about, folks. Washington is still covering up for the FINDERS and their own participation in child trafficking, pedophilia, child porn and satanic worship!

They are making up all kinds of flimsy excuses to dismiss such cases, likely ones that might even implicate people in their own agencies.

After the CIA took custody of the defendants and the abused children in the 1987 case, Florida Congressman Tom Lewis said publicly,

“Could our own government have something to do with this Finders organization? They have turned their backs on these children. That’s what all the evidence points to, and there is a lot of evidence.”

Even the Washington Post, at least at that time, wrote about some of the findings in that case: https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1987/02/07/officials-describe-cult-rituals-in-child-abuse-case/11f05df1-48e0-41f7-b46d-249c0bd2bc39/?noredirect=on

More information on Pizzagate/Pedogate/Finders information: https://steemit.com/pedogate/@rebelskum/steemit-archive-project-the-finders-documents

The Word of God  reveals such things were happening in ancient times (only the original Hebrew – removed from other translations), and they are continuing today:

“You have forsaken your people, the house of Jacob, because they are replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers, slapping hands in compact (original Hebrew – refers to trafficking children!)” Isaiah 2:6 (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation)

“Therefore, My people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge (of spiritual things) and their honorable men are famished and their multitude dried up with thirst (because of lack of wisdom and knowledge, which only comes from God, they thirst for the “living water” [John 4:10]). Therefore, hell has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without measure, and their glory, their multitude and pomp and he that rejoices, shall descend into it. The mean man shall be brought down, the mighty man shall be humbled and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled” Isaiah 5:13-15. (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation) emphasis added

“The earth mourns and languishes; the world is sick and languishes; the haughty people of the earth are sick. The earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgressed the laws, violated the statute, and break the everlasting covenant…Dread, the pit and a snare are upon you, inhabitant of the earth; and it shall come to pass that he who flees from the sound of dread, shall fall into the pit, and he who comes up out of the midst of the pit, shall be taken in the snare; for the windows from on high are opened and the earth’s foundations are breaking. The earth is breaking itself, breaking itself; the earth is breaking up, breaking up; the earth is off its course, and is wavering like a cottage; and the transgression is heavy upon it; it shall fall and not rise again” Isaiah 24:4-5, 17-20 (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation)

This is exactly what is happening, and it will continue, until the Lord returns with His saints (Revelation 19) to execute just judgment on the earth.

All pedophile reprobates will be cast into hell.


A vision of hell on May 20, 2017

Bill Wiese’s out of body experience in hell on November 23, 1998

Salvation is offered to everyone who repents of sin and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior, unless a person crosses a line with God, to the point of becoming reprobate, having no conscience (Romans 1:21-32; Hebrews 6:4-6). Now is the time of salvation for everyone; tomorrow, or even the next hour, could be too late.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

“The Spirit and the bride say, Come; and let him who hears say, Come; and let him that is athirst come, and whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely” Revelation 22:17

All written publications on this site may be copied and shared for evangelistic and educational purposes. God bless you with the Light of the world.

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Trump: ‘Pedophiles deserve the death penalty’


Screen shot: YouTube.com


Bravo, President Trump, Bravo! No truer words were ever spoken regarding laws that need to be enacted in every nation, not just the United States.

Before he took office, President Trump tweeted,

“Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

Now that’s my kind of president! God speed, President Trump!

About 800,000 children are reported missing each year, more than 2,000 kidnapped every single days, 1 EVERY 40 SECONDS! (source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [US Department of Justice reports] https://newspunch.com/trump-pedophiles-deserve-death-penalty/).

Does anyone not believe we have a pedophile crisis in America – and throughout the world?

Before a minute goes by, another child is kidnapped!

The Justice Department found that there was a 432 percent increase in child pornography movies and files submitted to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

We are living in a very evil world today. Jesus said,

“Because iniquity shall abound (speaking of the last days), the love of many shall wax cold” Matthew 24:12

The Apostle Paul wrote,

“Know this also, that in the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves…” 2 Timothy 3:1-2

In 2012, David Bourque, a Police Captain in Granby, Connecticut, was busted with a massive collection of child pornography videos, showing the sexual abuse of young boys, infants and toddlers. A US prosecutor said,

“The videos horrifically depicted children being sexually abused by adults.”

Officials reported that Bourque also solicited images from fellow traders of babies being bound and tortured!

Investigators found 20,282 images and 4,084 videos that showed boys under the age of 14 being sexually abused. The more horrifying and disturbing images involved toddlers and babies!

Even with the lame laws we have in place in America for such HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (20-year maximum penalty in this case), the inept, unjust, and I would say plain stupid, Judge Alvin Thompson only sentenced this diabolical devil from the pits of hell to 10 years!


The reason there is no cure for pedophilia is that once this evil is planted in the heart of an individual, such as in this case, they have no conscience remaining. Lack of a conscience defines the REPROBATE MIND, which renders a soul unredeemable, lost forever, only left on the earth to cause children horrific pain and suffering (Romans 1:21-32), therefore, THEY NEED TO BE EXECUTED.

When Bourque is released from prison, which could happen in about six months on an early release, (if the fiend isn’t out already), NO CHILD IN AMERICA WILL BE SAFE!

In 2014, Timothy DeFoggi, the acting Director of Cyber Security for the United States Department of Heath and Human Services, was convicted on child porn charges in Nebraska. DeFoggi was found to be a registered member of a child pornography site on the “Dark Web,” where he solicited the violent rape and murder of children! He even asked to meet with one member of the child porn network to violently rape and murder children!

Chief US District Judge Laurie Smith Camp sentenced this diabolical devil from the pits of hell to 25 years, when he could have been sentenced to life! Another unjust judge, who is plain stupid, and obviously not fit to sit on the bench! When this fiend is released, NO CHILD IN AMERICA WILL BE SAFE!


Please pay close attention to something very important here. These are government officials caught with videos and photos of horrifying acts against children, one even trying to meet with someone in order to take part in the vicious rapes and murders of children! They received only 10 and 25-year sentences!



Our legislators and judges do not have the wisdom to effect proper laws, or exact appropriate judgments. Even though psychologists have confirmed over and over again that there is no cure for pedophilia, they continuously let these dogs out again and again, at extreme peril to America’s children.

We live in an extremely evil world today, where even the judges are inept and some are corrupt. They have no ability to discern when someone has crossed the line and they are REPROBATE, IRREDEEMABLE, NOT FIT FOR SOCIETY, ON THEIR WAY TO HELL ANYWAY, ONLY ON THE EARTH TO COMMIT HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, AND SHOULD BE EXECUTED!

The Word of God tells us about an evil society without justice:

“Woe to those who are mighty and drink wine, men of strength who mingle strong drink, who justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous (unjust judges)!” Isaiah 5:22-23

“I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right (more unjust judges)” Amos 5:12

What am I saying? You can’t even trust high government officials with your children, that’s what I am saying! We are living in perilous times! What I am saying is:


Government officials arrested/convicted for child pornography and child molestation:


Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, “SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER,” gets only 15 months in prison!

Read on please…



That’s just a “drop in the bucket…”
















There is so much more, I don’t have the time or space to cover it all…

Please visit the Home Education page for important information, even if you don’t believe you can homeschool for financial reasons, etc.. There is some valuable information on that page just for you.

This is exactly one of the reasons why the Liberal Luciferian Lunatic Democrats (not to be confused with democracy) even publicly call for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Many of them are pedophiles!

Salvation is offered to everyone who repents of sin and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior; unless a person crosses a line with God, to the point of becoming reprobate (Romans 1:21-32; Hebrews 6:4-6). Now is the time of salvation for everyone; tomorrow, or even the next hour, could be too late.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

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God Gives Talent – 59

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Billy Preston – You Can’t Beat God Giving

שבת שלום

Shabbat Shalom – Peaceful Sabbath

President Donald Trump asked the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to lower taxes, make filing simpler and ease the tax burden on Americans; but he has been duped by the Liberal Luciferian Lunatics, the IRS and the megabanksters. 

Instead of reducing the tax burden, nearly everyone’s taxes have gone up! Instead of minimizing the tax forms, IRS added six additional schedules to the list of forms that are required; and as an insidious joke, they cut the 1040 “in half,” producing two half-pages. Oh yes, and they eliminated the 1040EZ, the simplified 1040!

Yes, the standard deduction went up, but since the personal exemptions have been eliminated, which were the crux of the American “tax breaks,” most people’s taxes have increased – a lot!

My taxes increased substantially this year, hundreds of dollars, even though my income is below the poverty level!

That’s right. The LLLs are trying to literally kill us, folks. They are trying to squeeze the blood right out of us – with no mercy!

Nevertheless, I am faithful to God, and He is faithful to me.


My tax bill is paid, friends, gratis the Lord God Almighty! Now that is a miracle!

The Word of God tells us,

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse (God’s house), that there may be meat (provision) in My house, and prove Me now herewith, says the Lord of Hosts, (and see) if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing to you, so there shall not be room enough to receive it” Malachi 3:10

“He who has pity upon the poor, lends to the Lord; and that which he has given, He (the Lord) will pay him again” Proverbs 19:17

I am living proof!

God is faithful, faithful, faithful, oh, so faithful!

Ecuadorian Embassy Cuts Phone/Visits To Julian Assange

Updated 3/8/19


Screen shot: YouTube.com


Since Julian Assange sought refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in June 2012, he has been holed up in a small room there, only 215 square feet.

Assange remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid arrest and extradition to the United States for primarily releasing documents that incriminate and expose the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager, John Podesta, along with emails that implicate John Podesta and his brother, Tony, and others implicated in child trafficking and child abuse; in addition to other documents exposing the illegal activities of US government officials and private citizens.

ASSANGE SHOULD BE LAUDED A HERO FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH. Instead, a number of his colleagues have been murdered and he has suffered confinement in a small room for the past six years.

News sources reported that a decision was made to cut Assange’s phone and visits during talks between the embassy and the UK to negotiate his fate.

Clinton’s and Podesta’s exposed emails including incriminating activities can still be viewed on wikileaks.org.

While the Clintons and Podestas, including a number of their cronies, should be investigated and indicted for crimes against children and treason, it is actually Julian Assange who is hunted like a dog!

How twisted is that?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently stood up for Assange, even though he actually exposed her emails during her run for Vice President in 2008, with John McCain, and she was very upset at the time. Palin said recently at an event held at the Trump Hotel on May 10th,

“I was so ticked off; he (Assange) was such a foe, until I started figuring out where he was headed with his agenda, with what he’s doing, trying to provide people with information so that we can make better decisions for our own lives, for the community, for our country, for the world, and I really appreciate him more. I appreciate him so much, I actually probably apologize to him for calling him out.”

Governor Sarah Palin understands now that without Assange’s Wikileaks, we would not know the extent of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, nor the implication of crimes involving the Podestas, or their cohorts.

President Donald Trump is in a position to help Julian Assange and we need to pray fervently that he will sacrifice the time and effort to do so.

Many businesses and internet sites don’t realize it, but when they block private browsers, such as the one Wikileaks creators produced (Tor), many Christians and conservatives would have little internet access, because internet providers censor and block Christians and conservatives, especially those who publish information about corrupt politicians, like the Clintons, Obama, Joe Biden, and others, moreso those who publish information about Pizzagate/Pedogate.

Liberals are largely in control of internet providers and they fight conservatives tooth and nail.

Privacy is good, folks, but when that privacy inhibits the exposure of child traffickers, pedophiles and those who torture and kill children, who gives a hang about privacy?!

Think about it! Would you, as an individual, rather keep your “pillow talk” to yourself, rather than expose those who abuse, torture and kill children?

The bottom line is this, only criminals have things to hide from people like Julian Assange, who does not expose “pillow talk.” Assange and his colleagues have exposed abominable criminals who violate the trust of citizens, especially children.

If whistleblowers are persecuted, we have no justice.

No one has anything they need to keep private from someone like Julian Assange, who exposes crimes against children, and those who seek to betray their country for gain – traitors!

Your conversations are not private and haven’t been for a very long time anyway, courtesy of the National Security Agency (NSA). That’s the ultimate hypocrisy behind the pursuit and persecution of Julian Assange.

Criminal politicians in the United States want to hold up a legal principle, fruit of the poisonous tree.” The rule is in place to deter law enforcement from breaching privacy, or abusing laws by violating a person’s rights, even to enforce the law. The law is necessary for average citizens, but we also have principles of exigent circumstances to protect the innocent, to protect children. In other words, if someone is suspected of abusing, torturing and killing children, who gives a rat’s behind about privacy, or lack of a search warrant?!

Even search and seizure laws bear that exception, exigent circumstances, when probable cause exists; for example, if it is believed someone’s life is in imminent danger, a search warrant is not necessary.

Are not the lives of many children at risk? A tremendous amount of evidence has been provided by Wikileaks, and others, which is totally being ignored!

Why is that so?

It appears there is evidence that many in Washington are pedophiles!

Does anyone remember former Leader of the House, Senator Dennis Hastert – pedophile? He received 15 months for raping children! Even the judge who sentenced Hastert called him a “serial child molester,” but he only got 15 MONTHS!

What kind of justice is that?

Laws are rather taken to an extreme to protect the guilty, to protect vile criminals who molest, torture and rape children, and that must not be the case!




Please pray for Julian Assange and President Donald Trump, friends.

Someone said recently that they never see President Trump smile. I believe he has been doing what he is able to do, but he isn’t smiling much, because of the tasks before him and his hands are tied by liberals, some who are corrupt, in Congress in many cases. President Trump has done a lot, a tremendous amount of good in this nation in only the last year, but there is much more that he wants to do, that he is hindered from doing. I have no doubt it distresses him terribly. 

I receive emails from the White House, these are the facts.

The Word of God tells us,

“Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20 (emphasis added).

There are few “woes” in the scripture, but they signify God’s harsh judgment.

God judged Israel, His beloved, for not exacting just judgment in the land:

“I said, Hear, I pray you, oh heads of Jacob and princes of the house of Israel; is it not for you to know judgment, who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off the skin from off them and their flesh from off their bones, who also eat the flesh of My people and flay their skin from off them, and they break their bones and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh for the caldron?” Micah 3:1-3.

There was much savagery going on in Israel and God brought brutal judgment upon them, by allowing their enemies to invade and slaughter them viciously for such sins.

There are also reports of cannibalism among the elite.

Those who have the power to execute justice, but fail to do so, will face severe judgment from God.

“Therefore, shall Zion, for your sakes, be plowed as a field and Jerusalem shall become heaps…” Micah 3:12.

That’s exactly what happened because of their gross sins, even though God loved Israel and pleaded with them to repent before their destruction.

The prophets also prophesied that a remnant of Israel would be spared and God would bring the captives back into their land (Amos 9:14-15); not everyone was corrupt.

That’s exactly what happened, as we see it before our very eyes this day!

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

All written publications on this site may be copied and shared for evangelistic and educational purposes. God bless you with the Light of the world.

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Breaking: Three American Christians Released from N Korean Prisons!


Early this morning, three American Christians were released from North Korean prisons, Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk (Tony Kim) and Kim Hak-song; and are returning to the United States with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo!

As President Donald Trump planned to meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, he focused on gaining the release of the three persecuted Christians, Americans languishing in North Korean prisons simply for their Christian faith.

President Trump tweeted this morning:


The three American Christians were released to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after his arrival in Pyongyang, North Korea, early this morning. He is also deserving of our gratitude for securing their release.



This is a glorious victory for the three imprisoned Christians, who likely would have languished and died in prison had it not been for the God-ordained intervention by President Donald Trump! Their release is the answer to the many prayers of God’s saints going up daily for the three persecuted saints.

President Donald Trump has made every effort to see the American Christians released from the horrid conditions they suffered in North Korean prisons and those efforts paid off. President Trump keeps his promises and he has worked tirelessly for such causes since his inauguration.

God bless President Donald Trump!

The release of the three Christians from North Korea, the worst nation in the world for Christian persecution, is nothing short of a miracle. I posted requests for prayer for them on this and other websites and I have prayed daily for them, along with many other saints. God answers the prayers of His people!

We are so grateful to God for answering our prayers for these three persecuted saints, and God has been faithful to answer many other prayers, as documented below on an earlier report Overcomers By the Word of Our Testimony:

Gilad Shalit                    Youcef Nadarkhani          Meriam Ibrahim
Pastor Saeed Abedini      Sgt Amir Hekmati            Pastors Mike & Peter
Pastor Kuwa Shamal
Screen shots: YouTube.com


Throughout the years, on this and other websites, I have requested prayer for those in bonds. We often hear of prayer requests, and we pray, although less frequently do we hear about the answers to many of our prayers.

The Lord laid it on my heart to share the testimonies of these, whom the Lord has delivered from bonds, in direct answer to the prayers of the saints:

Gilad Shalit – Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Sergeant First Class abducted and taken prisoner by Hamas to Gaza 6/25/06; released by prisoner exchange – by the miracle-working hand of God 10/18/11!

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani – Christian pastor arrested in Iran 10/2009; sentenced to death by hanging for “apostasy” (for his Christian faith) 11/13/10; released by the miracle-working hand of God 9/8/12!

Meriam Ibrahim – Christian mother arrested in Sudan 8/2013; sentenced to 100 lashes and sentenced to death by hanging for “apostasy” (because of her Christian faith) 5/15/14; released 6/24/14; rearrested 6/24/14; released (second and final time) by the miracle-working hand of God 6/26/14!

Pastor Saeed Abedini – American Christian pastor arrested in Iran 7/2012; sentenced to eight years for creating Christian churches and “compromising national security” on 1/27/13; released after three years by the miracle-working hand of God 1/16/16!

Amir Hekmati – American Veteran arrested in Iran 8/2011 for allegedly spying for the CIA; sentenced to death 1/9/12; sentence overturned 3/5/12; later sentenced to 10 years; released by the miracle-working hand of God 1/16/16!

Pastors Michael Ruot and Peter Reith – Christian pastors arrested (Michael on 12/14/14; Peter on 1/11/15) in Sudan for “blasphemy;” released by the miracle-working hand of God 8/5/15!

Pastor Kuwa Shamal – Christian pastor arrested in Sudan for his faith 12/18/15; released 12/21/15; rearrested 5/24/16; released by the miracle-working hand of God 1/2/17!

To God be all the glory for the release of these!

The Word of God says,

“They overcame by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death” Revelation 12:11.

I published a call to prayer on 12/10/15 for the release of Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, American Veteran Amir Hekmati, American Bob Levinson and Christian mother Asia Bibi. After 37 days, on 1/16/16, Pastor Saeed Abedini and Amir Hekmati were released! Pastor Abedini had been in prison more than three years, and Amir Hekmati over four years. This demonstrates the power of the collective prayers of the saints! We need to continue praying for Asia Bibi and Bob Levinson!

The Word of God tells us,

“Confess your faults to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” James 5:16.

“You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatsoever you ask of the Father in My name, He may give it to you” John 15:16.

There are still those in bonds who need our continued prayers daily:

Asia Bibi – Christian mother arrested 6/2009 and sentenced to death by hanging in Pakistan for “apostasy.” *Asia Bibi’s appeal hearing has finally been granted. She needs our immediate fervent prayers now.

Bob Levinson – American abducted in Iran 3/9/07.


Pastor Hassan Abduraheem – Christian pastor arrested 12/18/15 in Sudan for his faith and faces the death penalty. *Update: Released! Thank God, praise God!


Pastor Andrew Brunson – Christian pastor arrested in Turkey 10/2016 for his faith (on trumped-up charges of “membership in an armed terrorist organization”).

We sometimes hear of the names and plights of others who need our prayers. When their names cross our path, we need to pray for them.

Yes, there are many, many others that need prayer, but God will give the names of those we do not hear about to other Christians who will pray for them.

How do we keep up with all of the prayer requests? Personally, I print the names and stories of many people I have prayed for at least once, then I place their prayer requests on my makeshift “altar” before God. I may not call their individual names out every day, but I pray over them collectively every day, laying my hands upon the requests. This is one method of prayer, but the important thing is to pray in the manner God leads you to pray.

Prayer changes things, friends!

When Herod put forth his hand to vex the church, he killed James, the brother of John. He proceeded further to kill Peter also and the Bible tells us,

“Peter, therefore, was kept in prison; but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him…And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him and a light shined in the prison and he smote Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly, and his chains fell off from his hands. And the angel said unto him, Gird yourself and bind on your sandals, and so he did. And he said unto him, Cast your garment about you and follow me. And he went out and followed him and did not know that it was true which was done by the angel, but thought he saw a vision. When they were past the first and second ward, they came to the iron gate that led unto the city, which opened to them of its own accord; and they went out and passed through one street and henceforth the angel departed from him” Acts 12:5,7-10.

If you believe in God, do not limit Him. Nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37).

“Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him” Hebrews 11:6.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

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