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More Victims Added to Detroit Genital Mutilation Case

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Screen shot: YouTube.com – Muslim Dr Jumana Nagarwala


Last Wednesday, three more girls were added to the case against Michigan Doctor Jumana Nagarwala, 44, accused of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Nagarwala was arrested on April 12, 2017, but has since posted bail.

Nagarwala has been accused of performing FGM on nine girls at a Livonia, Michigan, clinic. The clinic is owned by Dr Fakhruddin Attar, also a Muslim doctor, who was also arrested for female genital mutilation. The clinic was not named by news sources (someone wants to keep him in business).


Screen shot: YouTube.com – Dr Fakhruddin Attar

Nagarwala denies having committed any crime, stating she performed a “religious custom” on girls from her Muslim sect, the Dawoodi Bohra.

A “religious custom” that causes debilitating pain? It is a Muslim custom and Muslims have no problem causing anyone pain, especially women and little girls. You know, stonings and beheadings for dishonoring the family, acid in the face, if you make him mad, hot stifling burqas, female genital mutilation…

The Word of God tells us about the antichrist:

“Neither shall he regard the god of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god, for he shall magnify himself above all” Daniel 11:37

Dr Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his wife Farida Attar, 50, were arrested at their medical office in Livonia, Michigan, in April 2017, after performing female genital mutilation surgeries on two seven-year-old girls.

One of the seven-year-old victims reported she felt pain all the way down to her ankles and could barely walk!

The federal prosecutor said that of the nine victims, three of the girls were from Illinois, four from Michigan, and two from Minnesota.

Investigators believe there are other victims in Michigan.

There are likely other victims of mutilation and torture wherever Muslims congregate.

Get this, folks, charges have not been filed against any of the parents. You should know by that where this case is headed…

…plenty of “damage control” and “cover ups.”

So, Muslim parents can legally seek out and take their daughters to butchers for mutilation, and only the butchers will be charged, as a matter of public display; and since they have also “helped the sick,” they could get off with probation in “Islamabad,” Michigan, – for torturing little girls!

What kind of message does that send throughout Muslim communities in America? DO IT, BUT DON’T GET CAUGHT!

What do you think would happen to white American citizens for doing something like that?

Do I need to remind us of how the “Christian” Turpins (who are not real Christians), who prosecutors said abused, chained and starved their children, how they are being treated in court (and rightly so)? David Turpin was chained, as he was escorted into court. Louise and David Turpin face LIFE IN PRISON (and rightly so)!



I have fasted (no food/clear liquids) for extended periods of time, and I have suffered abuse in my lifetime, but I don’t hesitate to say I would rather be chained, denied food and suffer abuse, as to have my private parts excised! That has to be extreeeeeeeeemely painfullllllllllllll —– all the way down to the ankle!

Ask any of the Turpin children if they suffer pain through the entire lower half of their bodies, down to their ankles!

Muslim parents approved of and sought out female genital mutilation of their little girls: RELEASED, NO CHARGE!

American parents chained their children, denied them food, abused them, didn’t bathe them: CHAINED IN COURT, FACING LIFE IN PRISON!

Do we see the difference here, Americans?

There is a conspiracy perpetrated by the Liberal Luciferian Lunatic (LLL)-Democrats against the American people, which involves bringing Muslims into this country, not to assimilate, but to continue with their sharia law, and furthermore, discriminate against Americans. This bias towards Muslims/against Americans will eventually lead to a full-fledged assault against the American people, an assault against their freedoms and their rights, which the LLLs are working on, as they also try to figure out a way to take our guns.

They can’t bring about their Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Marxist-Leninist-Communist-Democratic regime, until they take the guns, folks. That’s exactly why it is so important to keep your guns.

Since the early 60s, God, the Bible and prayer, were removed and forbidden in public schools.

In recent years, prayer breaks, footbaths and Muslim holidays have been observed in public schools; while Jesus and Christmas has been turned into NO JESUS and X-mas, then NO X-mas – period! Yet, at the same time, they have gone so far as to teach the Five Pillars of Islam to your children, while Jesus Christ is NOT ALLOWED!

CNN (pro-Muslim news) and other major news sources are already working on the acquittal of these maniacal “physicians” among the American people. In their article of May 11, 2017, they wrote:

“The procedure, in which genital organs are altered, or injured, for non-medical reasons to suppress sexuality, long has been deemed a human rights violation (that sounds fair…but wait a minute…). It’s practiced at all educational levels and social classes and among people of many faiths, including Muslims and Christians (Christians!), though no religious text calls for it.”

How many Christians have you ever heard mutilated their daughters genitals?

Mainstream news is getting a head start on this one!

Their whole article had pro-Muslim, pro-female genital mutilation innuendos throughout! It is a pile-of-trash article on the subject! (https://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/11/health/fgm-us-survivor-stories-trnd/index.html). Go ahead, take a look at the pile of trash propaganda! They interview a non-Muslim woman who is smiling and supposedly underwent FGM! It’s a pile of trash piece of propaganda!

Do you have any idea what the LLLs are doing to your children in public schools? They are incrementally turning them into homosexual, transgender – no gender – godless – reprobates (except Muhammad and Allah okay)!

They are prepping you and your children for an Islamic takeover in America.

Do you have any idea what all of the publicity about discrimination against whites, against the American flag, and people apologizing for being white is all about?

This anti-American, anti-white, anti-flag propaganda has been all over the news since the presidential campaign. They are hitting you at all angles, folks, and the LLL-Democrats are behind all of it.

Vote for them, and you will get just what you are asking for, DESTRUCTION!

Why? Because Muslims will eventually behead the people who do not accept their messiah (Revelation 13:16-18; Revelation 20:4), and the LLLs love it, because it fits right in with their depopulation agenda (see Georgia Guidestones, https://youtu.be/JqGVpVbrM3k).

Killing millions of unborn babies, and letting those who survive abortion die without help (a heinous, torturous death – no warmth, no nourishment, left to die!) isn’t enough evil for them!

That’s what happens when Americans allow them to kick the REAL GOD out of schools and do nothing about it. Eventually your children will be hollering “Allahu Akbar” and end up genital-less, or end up headless, take your pick, or you might even get both!

This is the “not politically correct” truth they don’t want you to hear.

Wake up, people. Get your children out of the God-forsaken public schools, unless you like the idea of their ending up in hell in a hand-basket – forever!

America’s teens, 40 percent of them, are afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases. About that many don’t even know what gender they are anymore! All of the things you turn your “politically correct” face away from are killing your children!

There is a solution, before it’s too late:

1) Repent.

2) Sincerely pray and ask God to help you do what you already know you should do, and He will.

3) Please visit the Home Education page (https://nowprophecy.wordpress.com/home-education).

*If you plan on continuing in sin, after you repent, forget step 2, because He won’t answer you!

Salvation is offered to everyone who repents of sin and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior; unless a person crosses a line with God, to the point of becoming reprobate (Romans 1:21-32; Hebrews 6:4-6. Now is the time of salvation for everyone; tomorrow, or even the next hour, could be too late.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

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