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Muslim Terrorists Protected Under Insanity Pleas


Not only are the great nations of the world immigrating Muslim terrorists into their nations to kill, maim and wreak havoc, it appears they have also conspired to grant them immunity from prosecution under insanity pleas.

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Muslim Invasion

Germany’s Development Minister, Gerd Muller, said that only 10 percent of the Syrian and Iraqi migrants have reached Europe and eight to 10 million are still on the way, and more will come from Africa.

Why are these Middle Eastern nations and Africa so stricken and war torn? Muslims are at war with all other religions, as well as with other Islamic factions which do not believe in the same Mahdi (messiah). In short, they kill everyone else, and they even kill each other.

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The Rape of Europe

Qur’an 4:24 and Qur’an 33:50: A Muslim man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.


At least 60 cases of rape were reported on New Years Eve in Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg, Germany, after about 1,000 Muslim migrants went on a rampage molesting and raping women. Violent protests continue in Germany because of these crimes.

Germany has actually seen a rape epidemic by Muslim migrants over the past six months, which has not been widely publicized.

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