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‘The Power of the Tongue’

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Did you know that there is “power” in your tongue?

The Word of God tells us,

“Also, the tongue is a little member and boasts great things; behold, how a little fire, like great wood it kindles, and the tongue is a fire, the world of iniquity; so the tongue is set among our members (the parts of our body), spotting all the body (reproaching the entire body) and inflaming the course of nature, being inflamed by hell” James 3:5-6 (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation)

How much power can the tongue possibly have?

Didn’t the tongue of Adolf Hitler inflame the course of nature, inflamed by hell itself, ordering the slaughter of about 17 million people by some accounts?

The tongue of Mao Zedong did worse than that, ordering the slaughter 78 million people! Think about the magnitude of that many people, who were terrorized and killed hideously, even the children, by the power of that devil’s tongue!

There were tongues, kindled by the very fires of hell, behind all of that.

“Inflaming the course of nature?” Absolutely.

When millions of people are killed, they can’t have children, and their children, who do not exist, can’t have children…and all of the events that would have occurred through these many millions of people have not come to pass, thus, a catastrophic change in the course of nature has transpired.

Right now, at this moment, Islam is demographically taking over the world, but most people don’t have a clue.

You might say the Islamic State has been decimated by President Donald Trump. President Trump has certainly put a measurable dent in ISIS; but tragically, that can in no way compensate for the astonishing fertility rate of Muslims, many of whom believe in Sharia law (execution of those who convert to Christianity; stoning of women who “dishonor” their families; beheading those who commit adultery and other civil offenses; female genital mutilation of girls [which is happening legally in the United States right now: https://nowprophecy.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/judge-dismisses-charges-in-female-genital-mutilation-case/]; persecution of non-Muslims by extreme taxation [jizya] and the like, even death in some cases), versus the drastically declining fertility rate of non-Muslims.

Muslims are excellent mathematicians and they figured this out a long time ago. They intend to conquer the world through demographics. Watch the following video:

Non-Muslim nations are decimating themselves with the power of their tongues. Every time a woman walks into an abortion clinic and says, “I want an abortion,” she not only sacrifices her unborn child, as on the altar of Molech (ancient idol used to sacrifice babies, burning them alive), she helps annihilate her own ethnic group and culture.

Planned Parenthood, and similar facilities, rose up out of hell and those who “speak to her” breathe fire from their mouths to destroy their own people.

You might say you don’t care about future generations, your concern is about yourself and the present situation. If you don’t care about the safety and well-being of your future grandchildren, you might be concerned about the fact that demographics are changing so rapidly in favor of Islam throughout the world, that your own children could suffer, or even be killed, under Sharia law!

The Word of God tells us,

“Death and life are in the hand (power) of the tongue and those who love it (the power that is in their tongue) shall eat the fruit it produces” Proverbs 18:21 (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation)

In this case, the fruit will be destruction of your people by demographics – abortion – which God hates.

“You shall not kill” Exodus 20:13

Because of the sins of the people, the Prophet Isaiah forewarned,

“Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire, strangers devour your land in your presence and it is desolate, overthrown by strangers” Isaiah 1:7

The same message applies to the nations today and it is actually being fulfilled right before our eyes through demographics and immigration.

The only reason Islam will not prevail in the end is because Jesus will return and destroy that antichrist kingdom:

“Out of His (Jesus’s) mouth goes forth a sharp sword, that He may smite the nations with it, and He will shepherd them with a rod of iron and He treads the winepress of the anger and wrath of God Almighty. His name is written on His garment and His thigh: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” Revelation 19:15-16 (ET – Elim אֵילִם Translation)

The Lord’s return will be the saving grace of all who trust in Him. In spite of all the evidence that Islam will rule the nations, Christ will return and defeat Islam!

Are you on the winning side?

God will also judge those who use the power of their tongue to destroy their own people; God will judge Planned Parenthood and those like them!

Salvation is offered to everyone who repents of sin and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior, unless a person crosses a line with God, to the point of becoming reprobate, having no conscience (Romans 1:21-32; Hebrews 6:4-6). Now is the time of salvation for everyone; tomorrow, or even the next hour, could be too late.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth (Revelation 20:12-15)? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

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Is There A Real Man With Any Grit Left In the World?

Screen shot: YouTube.com – maybe this guy


I received a letter recently from Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). He explained the atrocities (Christian genocide) that are being carried out by ISIS (Islamic State) and how ACLJ is working hard to end the horrific genocide. Sekulow listed a few of the atrocities committed by ISIS:

  • Beheaded Christian children in front of their parents.
  • 250 Christian toddlers were thrown into an industrial dough mixer and crushed to death.
  • Cut off a young Christian boy’s fingertips and beat him in front of his father, then executed them both by crucifixion.
  • Publicly raped eight Christian women, then beheaded them.
  • Burned Christians alive in caskets.
  • Burned a 12-year-old girl to death because her mother couldn’t pay the jizya tax they demanded.
  • Raped and tortured two Christian sisters, cut up their bodies and delivered the body parts to their parents with a video of the torture and murder.

There is so much more, but it would be shameful to even speak of some of the horrific cruelty, yes, cruelty that extends even beyond what is described above, so I will stop here.

ACLJ has gone before Congress and the UUN (Useless United Nations), they have filed motions in courts and Sekulow has even met with President Trump. They are working tirelessly, diplomatically, to end the slaughter, Christian genocide. They operate strictly through donations. If you want to contribute, please visit their website at ACLJ.org.

When it comes to news such as this, I have NO diplomacy, folks.

I would like to know where the world leaders are who have a heart, who find this news so repulsive, they have no problem bringing out their weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION!

What else in hades is a nuclear bomb good for? Every world leader that has one will surely stand before God in judgment for not using it on the Islamic State! These demons have no business living on the face of the earth and anyone who can, but refuses to annihilate them is guilty of the blood ISIS spills!

What about innocent bystanders? Allow me to explain by example. If ISIS lived all around me, I would beg the world to drop a bomb on all of us just to pulverize these filthy pieces of dung! Wouldn’t you?!

In fact, a girl had been raped so many times by ISIS terrorists, she couldn’t urinate. She sent out a message on the internet asking someone to bomb them all, including herself, pleading for someone to just annihilate them! This is a fact; it was all over the internet.

Jesus said regarding such a time as this,

“He said unto them, But now, he who has a purse (supply bag), let him take it, and likewise his scrip (wallet), and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one” Luke 22:36.

Just prior to this passage of scripture, Jesus reminded His disciples that He sent them out on missionary journeys without supplies, money, or even shoes, and He asked them if they lacked anything. They answered, “No.” He went on to explain that He would be leaving them, so it was time to gather supplies, have some cash on hand and sell their clothes, if they had to, but GET A SWORD (now we have nifty guns)!

Would it then be a sin to blow the Islamic State to smithereens while we and our families remain on the earth, until Jesus returns? The answer is a big NO. In fact, He has commissioned us to get weapons and defend our families and ourselves, even if we have to sell our clothes to do it! How much clearer can His message be?

The Word of God also says this about those who shed blood:

“Therefore, as I live, says the Lord God, I will prepare you for blood and blood shall pursue you; since you have not hated blood, therefore, blood shall pursue you” Ezekiel 35:6.

Hint: He isn’t speaking about those who defend themselves and their families. He is obviously referring to those who don’t mind, or even enjoy, spilling blood.

God doesn’t lie and He never goes back on His Word. If we don’t pulverize these beasts, we will face God on Judgment Day!

My guns are ready, are yours? *Store them safely away from children.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

A Raiser of Taxes


Screen shots: YouTube.com


Throughout history, every raiser of taxes was evil. King Jehoiakim not only taxed the people of Judah to pay Pharaoh, but he committed abominations in the sight of the Lord (2 Kings 23:34; 2 Chronicles 36:8). He was so evil, he burned Jeremiah’s book of prophecy, that was given to him by God.

King Jehoiakim was so wicked that God forbid the people of Judah to mourn for him when he died (Jeremiah 22:18).

King Jehoiakim burned the Holy Word of God (and God told Jeremiah to write it again). Does that sound familiar?

Obama blasted out a rebuke that resounded throughout the world when an American pastor burned a Qur’an. Obama, however, established protocol for the US military’s delicate handling of the Qur’an, even the use of gloves while handling it.

When US military personnel were ordered to burn Holy Bibles in Iraq, Obama said zero, zilch, nein, nada! When the press asked why Holy Bibles were burned in Iraq, Lt Col Wright released this statement, “Troops at posts in war zones are required to ‘burn their trash.’”

Commander in Chief of US military forces Barack Hussein Obama never retracted or refuted that statement!

The Prophet Daniel wrote about the antichrist to come in the last days. He prophesied,

“Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom (antichrist kingdom), but within a few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor battle” Daniel 11:20.

During the time that Mary the mother of Jesus was espoused to Joseph, Caesar Augustus taxed the entire world. In a biography on Augustus, Anthony Everitt wrote, “Augustus was indeed ruthless, cruel and ambitious for himself. He was devious, untrustworthy and bloodthirsty.”

By the way, Obama is the signator of Obama(don’t)care and the most devious raiser of taxes in the history of our nation!

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Hillary Clinton has already announced she intends to raise taxes on the middle class. Outside of the Illuminati megabanksters, satanists, Muslim terrorists and unborn baby slayers (and sellers of their body parts), Hillary doesn’t owe any allegiances, so she could care less about raising taxes on the poor and middle class.

Hillary said Donald Trump wants to “cut taxes for the super rich.” She lied.

Donald Trump never said he wanted to cut taxes for the rich. He has publicly stated he would reduce taxes – period. He also specified he wanted to reduce taxes on businesses to 15 percent, because small businesses are plagued with high taxes and most of them go belly up within the first five years.

Donald Trump wants to stimulate the growth of businesses and help small businesses thrive, instead of closing their doors because of heavy regulations and taxes, which is just one of his plans to help the economy.

Hillary Clinton’s proposed tax plan is a nightmare – Obama’s economics made worse.

The spirit of antichrist oppresses people and he is a “raiser of taxes.”

According to Bible prophecy, the antichrist will prevail during the last three and a-half years of the seven-year Great Tribulation to come (Matthew 24:21; Revelation 13:5).

The rising antichrist kingdom will also decapitate all who refuse the “mark of the beast” (Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 20:4) used to buy or sell; and interestingly enough, the antichrist not only beheads people, but will also impose jizya taxes on “infidels” (non-Muslims).

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi explains options to non-Muslims: conversion, jizya or death


Screen shot: YouTube.com

So, we have here another raiser of taxes, Muslim terrorists of the rising antichrist kingdom.

Who does the Bible say is the antichrist?

“Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? (Muslims deny that Jesus is the Christ). He is an antichrist that denies the Father and the Son (the Qur’an says Allah [God] has no son)” 1 John 2:22.

We have a very clear picture now.

Let us summarize once more:

The antichrist MO (modus operandi, mode of operation) is to impose and raise taxes.

Muslims impose jizya tax on “infidels” (non-Muslims).

The Holy Word of God tells us that the antichrist says Jesus is not the Christ and he denies the Father and the Son (1 John 2:22).

Muslims say Jesus is not the Christ/Messiah and Allah (God) has no son (Surah 17:111).

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton raise taxes, they are strong promoters of abortion – the slaughter of the unborn – and their policies are a mockery against God’s laws.

Donald Trump wants to lower taxes across the board, he is pro-life and he promotes Christian values.

Satan hates Jews and his minions have tried to destroy them throughout the annals of time. Adolf Hitler hated the Jews and he tried his best to annihilate them.

All Muslims hate the Jews and want to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Obama and Hillary want to divide Israel and give Jerusalem to the Jew-hating Muslims. Obama and Hillary are for bringing millions of Middle Eastern Muslims (not Christians – less than 1 percent of those admitted already are Christians, all others are Muslims-potential terrorists) into the US.  

Donald Trump will stop the immigration of Muslim terrorists and implement extreme vetting policies and he vows to defend Israel!

The antichrist will eventually come to power before the Lord returns to destroy him, but meanwhile, the Spirit of God in His people is a restraining force against the antichrist, as long as we remain on this earth.

“For the mystery of iniquity already works, only he who now letteth (restrains – original Greek) will let (restrain), until he be taken out of the way” 2 Thessalonians 2:7.

We can restrain evil through prayer and the power of God working in us, until we are “caught up” before the Great Tribulation begins (Revelation 3:10).

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

All written publications on this site may be copied and shared for evangelistic purposes. Did Jesus say, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature — and make sure you copyright it?!” I think not.

God bless you with the Light of the world.

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The Antichrist MO


Senator Jeff Sessions said Donald Trump “received far more votes than any other Republican candidate in history,” during the Republican National Convention (RNC), for which he received a standing ovation.

Trump, who has received more votes from American citizens than any other candidate in US history, is reportedly running a “neck and neck” race with Hillary, according to US mainstream news, which is a Bilderberger media lie. Hillary can’t fight her way out of a paper bag without the Bilderberger fraud behind her.

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