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The Sign of Kinnor David


King David was ordained to be king of Israel in place of Saul, because Saul departed from the Lord, but King David had very humble beginnings. He was a shepherd who played the harp and he watched over his father’s sheep.

The Bible tells us that David loved the Lord with a pure heart and his music was anointed by God. He carried his harp, no doubt, as he tended sheep in the fields and played songs of praise unto the Lord. Even after he was anointed King of Israel, King David still played his harp before the Lord in Israel (2 Samuel 6:5).

During his youth, David was renowned for playing anointed music, so he was called to come into the house of King Saul to play the harp for him, when Saul was vexed by an evil spirit. As David played the harp under the anointing of רוח הקדוש (Ruach haKodesh – the Holy Spirit), the evil spirit that vexed Saul had to flee (1 Samuel 16:23).

There is a harp maker in Israel, whose shop is called the House of Harrari. It just so happens that in 1982, Micah Harrari built the first kinnor David (harp of David), which was a very specific harp, since the Temple was destroyed nearly 2,000 years ago.

Ironically, at about the same time that Harrari began to make the first kinnor David, Rav Yisrael Ariel was also establishing the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. Neither one of them knew the other was inspired by God to begin their work right about the same time! Harrari has since donated numerous harps to the Temple Institute for future use in the Third Temple, as Ariel is seeing to the other holy implements needed, according to the ancient instructions given by God to Moses for those things that were to be used in Temple services.

The Third Temple was prophesied by Ezekiel (40-45) and it will most certainly will be built in these latter days.

It is interesting to note that one of Jerusalem’s old rabbis came to the house of Harrari, when he learned that Micah Harrari made the first kinnor David since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. He wanted to know one thing, how many strings Harrari placed on the kinnor David. He asked Harrari if he could see it, and he counted the strings right away. His countenance changed when he saw that the harp had 10 strings, and he said, “Now I will go home to prepare, because I know that Messiah is coming soon!”

The Harrari family didn’t understand what he meant, so the old rabbi explained to them that the ancient rabbis have always written about the kinnor David with 10 strings, which would be a sign that would usher in the Messiah!

When Micah Harrari created his first kinnor David, he debated on how many strings to include on the harp. He researched historical writings, but he found that harps were created with a various number of strings throughout the ages. Some included three or four strings, but he felt those were too few to create the kind of music he desired, and others placed as many as 12 strings on the harp, but he saw that 12 strings would require a bigger harp. He finally decided 10 strings would provide beautiful music and he would not have to make kinnor David larger than it should be, according to ancient images. He had no knowledge of the fact that the rabbis believed once someone created the 10-string kinnor David in the latter days, which had not been done before, this would be the sign of Messiah – Yeshua HaMashiach – Jesus’s return!

I have been writing recently by inspiration from God about Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s prophecies; about a dream and vision I had in 2010 alluding to the year 2017; about the Torah Code (given by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson) revealing that the year 5777 (2017) is the year of Messiah; and now we see that in our generation the kinnor David was created for the first time in nearly 2,000 years with the prophetic 10 strings!


Screen shot: YouTube.com  Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson’s Torah Code

Jesus said, when His disciples asked Him what would be the sign of His return,

“So likewise when you shall see all these things (detailed in Matthew 24), know that it is near, even at the doors” Matthew 24:33.

  • More people now are claiming to be Christ than at any other time in history (Matthew 24:4-5)
  • Nation (ethnic group – original Greek) shall rise against nation (ethnic group) and kingdom (religions – original Greek) against kingdom (religions). Racial tensions and religious wars are on the rise throughout the world, especially centered around Islam – the antichrist kingdom (Matthew 24:7)
  • Nearly 1 billion people are starving in the world today, close to 1 in 7, according to the UN (Matthew 24:7)
  • God’s people are being martyred in Syria, Iraq and other nations throughout the Middle East, just as Jesus said they would be (Matthew 24:9)
  • There are more false prophets today than during any other time in history (Matthew 24:11), including leaders of major denominations that have departed from the doctrine of truth
  • We are living in the most wicked generation of many decades (Matthew 24:12), as the family unit created by God has been decimated by the legalization of gay marriage and as little children are being taught abominable things under the guise of “sex education” (Please visit the Home Education page) and people often have no restraint or moral decency today
  • The gospel is preached throughout the world, in every nation via satellite (Matthew 24:14)
  • There are more false Christs throughout the world than at any other time in history (Matthew 24:23-24)

There are many signs pointing to the return of the Lord during our generation and now we see the sign also of kinnor David, the 10-string harp of David.

Hundreds of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled and those remaining shall surely come to pass. Are you prepared to stand before God and give an account of the life you have lived on this earth? If not, salvation is only a prayer away. Please visit the How Can I Be Saved page – your eternal destiny depends on it. God bless you.

As I finished this article, I just so happened to come across a logo on Pinterest, pinned by Brian Laing (notice the numbers within the crown and place a “5” in front of them; we have the Hebrew year 5777 (2017)!

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