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Hillary’s America 2016

Hillary’s America 2016, a movie by Dinesh D’Souza, came out in theaters on July 22, 2016, and if it is anything like the disclosures revealed in his last movie, Obama’s America 2016, it should be good and informative. I have to say, “should be,” because I haven’t had an opportunity to see it.

The Bilderbergers plan to place Hillary in the White House and it can only be the hand of God to stop them, because they have done this so effectively in the past. The ultimate fraud against America occurred during the presidential “elections” of 2009 and 2012 (well, not the ultimate, that had to be the Great Depression) and there was no way the American public placed the Obama destroyer in the Oval Office a second time. He was nominated by fraud the first time around! People also complained walking away from voting machines in 2012, stating their votes were changed right before their eyes; that’s how bad it was!

If Obama wasn’t disgusting enough, a recent video taken of Hillary shows her bizarre behavior and total lack of self control. Some are saying she is having seizures, but it appears she lacks control of her maniacal self, which is actually indicative of her spiritual condition.

She is obviously giddy here, because she has been told she is “In,” but her countenance goes beyond giddy with power, if you look closely. Even those trying to get a statement from her are taken aback momentarily, if you notice their concerned and shocked faces:


Screen shot: YouTube.com   Yes, quite alarming!

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